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The Awards in Food Safety are available in 3 different levels; their aim is to educate personnel who work regularly with preparing, cooking and handling food, ensuring that they meet legal requirements and understand the hazards and consequences involved in food preparation.

In the UK, the food hygiene standards are classified as a separate branch in general workplace health & safety:

  • Food Hygiene Standards- they are overseen by the FSA and not the Health & Safety Executive (HSE)
  • Local Authority Environmental Health Officers usually enforce food hygiene standards in retail food premises and their local food factories.
  • HSE: they ensure that the food machinery is manufactured and designed to the set standards, including food hygiene and other related issues such as cleaning.

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What does Food Hygiene Training cover? 

After you have successfully completed the Food Safety and Hygiene course, you will know how to look after food property in every step of food handling and preparation. Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • The different methods of food preservation, e.g. cooking, vacuum parking, dehydration, cold storage etc.
  • Knowing how to maintain personal hygiene to standards that are required by the premises
  • Knowing how to arrange food properly in the fridge and knowing the correct temperature to use both in the fridge and the freezer
  • Knowing the signs of contaminated foods, including moulds, staleness, discolouration etc.
  • Ensuring that the good you receive have been stored properly in a FIFO rotation system
  • Ensuring that the food you receive from the suppliers is in its right condition and free from any signs of damage
  • Making sure that the foodstuffs are labelled properly for use- or sale-by dates
  • Knowing the different types of food hazards, how to prevent them and control them
  • Knowing the 6 step process of cleaning the food premises

This list is not comprehensive, but it points out the different things a food hygiene training program can help you with. If your workplace is not obliged to provide necessary training, you can self-educate to increase the probability of getting employed in food premises. The course can be taken remotely via an online training provider; be sure to choose a reputable company who offer IOSH and CPD approved courses.

Current Food Laws in the UK

All food places that supply food directly to guests, members of the public and employees, here are the most critical food safety legislation applicable in the UK:

  • EC Regulation No. 852/2004- a legislation that relates to the hygiene of foodstuffs. This legislation dictates the day to day requirements for all food operators
  • Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006- this legal requirement is for temperature controls
  • The Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006 and the Food Safety Act 1990- this enforces provisions for the local authorities

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